How do I convert my emails of the Outlook Express (*.dbx) to Microsoft Outlook (PST) Mail ?

Such queries are very popular queries among Outlook Express users, who need to move into Microsoft Outlook (that supports PST format to store emails). But the conversion of emails from OE in Outlook is a tricky task and thus needs a good conversion tool.

PCVARE Laboratory has a definite solution to convert from DBX files to PST files and PCVARE calls it DBX to PST Converter Program.

The solution by PCVARE conducts the conversion of Outlook Express emails (DBX) to MS Outlook (PST) 2010, 2007 and 2003. Using this product, users are able to convert, move, copy, switch DBX mail to PST with 3 extraordinary abilities - Bulk Conversion, Exact Conversion, All Conversion.

Bulk Conversion - Ability of Bulk conversion enable users to conduct conversion of multiple, several, unlimited or large number of emails at once. Bulk conversion option can be used by clicking Add Folders Having DBX Files Button. Now the program acts as a Batch Converting Tool.

Exact Conversion - Users can perform exact conversion of all emails & its elements. With the converter utility, users are able to perform exact conversion of following items -

    • Files of attachment
    • Email header (to, from, bcc, subject)
    • Date/Time
    • RTF & HTML Formatting
    • Status liek that of read and unread

All Conversion - All Conversion ability is the ability that helps all users to convert all emails from all Outlook Express mail folders - Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, Outbox, Sent Items etc.

All the above abilities has made this tool an efficient & apt solution for tranferring from DBX into the PST or for converting Outlook Express messages to Outlook. So, giving chance to this tool is good decision by all OE users.

Download Demo Version - DBX to PST Converter Buy Online Full Version - DBX to PST

DBX to PST Conversion - Free & Step-by-Step Guide

  • Save & Install the converter program
  • Open the converter utility.
  • Move ahead with the following steps, as shown in below image -

    DBX to PST Converter
  • Then you will see the program automatically configuring the resultant files in Microsoft Outlook.

Try DBX File to PST File Converter to move emails of Outlook Express to Outlook in smart approach.

Download Demo Version - DBX to PST Converter Buy Online Full Version - DBX to PST